Pippeta & me

Hello and welcome to "Pippeta", since having my 2 beautiful children Mila & Gianluca I have always had a passion and a keen eye for all things baby/toddler and children's interior. I love looking for the most gorgeous outfits in the most beautiful fabrics as well as accessories for in there bedrooms.

I have always known what I like but at times its not always been easy to source it, after months and months of research as well as experimenting with styles and designs I decided the time was right to start my own business and provide somewhere you can guarantee you are going to get gorgeous homeware and clothing for your loved little ones. Hence Pippeta was made!

Pippeta, what does it mean and where does it come from you may ask? Well, when I met my husband his grandad "Luigi" became a massive part of my life, from his unending kindness to the love he showed us. Unfortunately in 2012 he passed however his legacy and qualities is something that as a family we have tried to keep going in our own and children's minds. So where does Pippeta come into it?? Well due to his strong Italian accent and should I say memory in remembering my name he referred to me as 'pippeta' which to him was my nickname, just a made up Italian word but stuck and to this day means so much to me and makes me smile. So why not carry on that legacy and use this name  and carry it on into this company which just like him will be full of love, laughs, smiles and happiness.

I can't wait to share this with you all.


Aimee x 


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Pippeta & me