One thing you can always be sure of is that feeding time with a baby is always very messy, however, our huge range of phenomenal bibs which come in all different colours, materials and fun designs will make messy mealtimes a distant memory. Our bibs will ensure that your children can make it through mealtime without too much mess. 

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Breathtaking Bibs For Your Baby

We fully understand that mealtimes with a baby will never be mess-free but with the help of our brilliant range of bibs you can make the cleanup that little bit easier. We offer a huge range of bibs with different colours and patterns as well as both silicone and waterproof baby bibs with sleeves, so it does not matter whether your baby is a splitter or a thrower, our range has a bib for you. 

Food stains can be a nightmare to get out of your baby's clothes, and also extremely inconvenient for busy parents. That is where our phenomenal easy-clean bibs come in handy, never again will you have to worry about stained baby clothes that are a nightmare to get clean, simply wipe down these bibs after mealtime for a stunning finish. 

BPA Free Silicone Baby Bibs

We stock a brilliant range of silicone baby bibs in a huge range of timeless and fun colours. Food grade silicone is a phenomenal material for all baby feeding products as it has been through stringent testing to ensure its safety and is also BPA and phthalate free. These silicone bibs are also incredibly easy to clean, simply wipe them down with soapy water and they are also dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning. 

Our Pippeta silicone bibs feature built-in neck fasteners for a snug but comfortable fit as well as a deep front pocket perfect for catching any fallen food to ensure your baby's clothes and the surrounding areas stay perfectly clean. They are perfect for summer days in the garden or just everyday mealtime. 

Waterproof Baby Bibs With Sleeves

Our brilliant baby bib range also features our phenomenal Pippeta waterproof cape-sleeved bib. These waterproof bibs come in a huge range of different colours, fun patterns and are made from a fully recycled polyester which has been fully Oeko-Tex tested. The bibs feature strong fastening and elastic cuffs for immense comfort, as well as a perfectly designed front pocket to catch all falling foods and keep your baby's clothes clean. 

The 100% recycled polyester material of these bibs makes them incredibly easy to clean by simply wiping them down with soapy water or a simple washing machine cycle. These bibs are particularly good for babies who love to have some fun by throwing their food and often on their sleeves. The bibs have been designed to make your life a little less messy. 


Bibs FAQs

Yes, all babies need bibs. Bibs are a phenomenal way of making parents' lives that little bit easier and mess-free. The purpose of a bib is to catch all spillages and prevent them from staining your baby's clothes. It can be a nightmare trying to get stains out of your child's clothes, bibs are super simple to clean and make parental life so much easier.
YES, always. You should always remove your baby's bib before they fall asleep as they could be a choking hazard while your child is asleep. It is also advised that you never leave your baby unattended while wearing a bib.
Babies can start to wear bibs from as early as 1-2 weeks old. If a baby is being bottle fed then they will most likely start wearing bibs even earlier than this to help avoid spillages from getting onto their clothing. Bibs are truly an essential item that can make any parent's life that little bit easier.