Posted on October 30 2023

6 Benefits of Using a Wearable Breast Pump

6 Benefits of Using a Wearable Breast Pump

6 Benefits of Using a Wearable Breast Pump


Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and beautiful things a mother can do for her child. However, it's not always easy. While traditional breast pumps get the job done, they are often bulky, noisy and inconvenient to use, which is why many women are turning to wearable breast pumps. 

In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of wearable breast pumps and how they'll make your breastfeeding journey easier and more convenient. 

Why use a breast pump?

Whether it's your first child or your third, breast pumps are one of the best tools available to any mother. They are great for providing a consistent and regular flow of breast milk, as well as alleviating discomfort from engorgement. 

Breast pumping also lets you share the feeding responsibilities with your partner, family or friends, which is a great way to both form a bond and give you a much-needed & long-awaited rest.

Who should use a wearable breast pump?

Wearable breast pumps are ideal for any nursing mother looking for a convenient way to alleviate breast milk. 

Whether you're returning to work and need to stick to a consistent schedule, leading an active life filled with errands or other children requiring both hands to get the jobs done, or simply relaxing on holiday wanting to make the most of your time off. 

With adjustable suction levels that stimulate your breasts for a consistent milk flow, these breast pumps will also help if you need to increase your breast milk supply. 

Why should I use a wearable breast pump?

Wearable breast pumps have been revolutionary since their introduction, Helping thousands of nursing mothers across the world. With today's modern technology, wearable breast pumps have never been more convenient to use, allowing easy mobility, discretion and efficiency simultaneously.

1. Easy Mobility

One of the best things about using a wearable breast pump is the ability to pump hands-free, allowing you to carry out your daily activities with the ease of having both hands free. 

Ideal for mums with an active lifestyle, the pumps are designed to be lightweight, with no tubes or wires holding you back, so you can go about your daily activities without ever feeling its presence (unless you're pumping).

2. Flexible Discretion 

Unlike other electronic breast pumps, wearable ones are designed for discretion, making them perfect wherever you are. 

Whether commuting, at work, or running errands, you can pump breast milk confidently without drawing unwanted attention. You can also use these around your little one without ever worrying about waking up your little one.

3. Comfortable

Designed with comfort in mind, they utilise soft, flexible silicone breast shields that conform to your breast shape to reduce the risk of discomfort and soreness you might have experienced with traditional flanges.


Plus, with 12 suction levels ranging from 20mmhg to 300mmhg, you can find the right intensity that helps you express as much breast milk as you need.

4. Pump with efficiency

These pumps also have a long use time of 90-100 minutes and a charging time of just 2.5 hours, which means you can pump as much milk as your body allows without any interruptions. Plus, with a 180ml bottle capacity, you can ensure that you have more than enough milk for your little one every day. 

5. Easy to clean

Pippeta breast pumps are designed without wires or tubes, making them easy to put together and take apart for cleaning. What's more, they are made of baby-friendly materials that are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, bacteria-resistant, and anti-slip, so you can rest easy knowing your breast milk is safe for your little one. 

6. Bond more with your little one

Using a hands-free pumping system offers more benefits than just the convenience of running errands while pumping. You can bond with your baby through skin-to-skin contact and playtime without ever holding the pump. With more cuddles and peak-a-boo, you can treasure every moment you have. 


Pippeta breast pumps

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