When I met my husband, Giancarlo, his grandad Abbondio Gianoncelli aka “Luigi” became a huge part of my life. Having fond memories of his strong Italian accent coupled with his unending kindness and love he showed remains a strong memory to me.

Unfortunately, in 2012 he passed away with cancer, however his legacy and qualities is something that as a family we have tried to keep going into our
own and our children’s minds.

So where does Pippeta come into it? Well, due to his lack of English or should I say his memory in remembering my name at the beginning he referred to me as ‘Pippeta’ which to him was my nickname, he often made up random Italian words but this one stuck and to this day means so much to me and makes me smile.

So why not carry on that legacy and memory and use this name and carry it on into this company which just like him will be full of love, laughs, smiles and happiness.