Our story


What does it mean?

When I met my husband, Giancarlo, his grandad Abbondio Gianoncelli aka “Luigi” became a huge part of my life. Having fond memories of his strong Italian accent coupled with his unending kindness and love he showed remains a strong memory to me.

Unfortunately, in 2012 he passed away with cancer, however his legacy and qualities is something that as a family we have tried to keep going into our
own and our children’s minds.

So where does Pippeta come into it? Well, due to his lack of English or should I say his memory in remembering my name at the beginning he referred to me as ‘Pippeta’ which to him was my nickname, he often made up random Italian words but this one stuck and to this day means so much to me and makes me smile.

So why not carry on that legacy and memory and use this name and carry it on into this company which just like him will be full of love, laughs, smiles and happiness.

But how did we get in to breast pumps?

After the successful launch of the Pippeta weaning range, we had such a love for the feeding market. While the breastfeeding industry is dominated by big brands, HOWEVER we wanted to change that! Being a mum is all kinds of wonderful but can also be hard - emotionally, physically and financially! There are countless joys but also stresses and strains which can take a toll on new parents, and we feel that the most basic of necessities – feeding – should not be one of those stresses. In a society that often makes new mums feel uncomfortable about feeding babies in public, making mums feel as though they should ‘cover up’ or even go into the toilets to feed, Pippeta believes that breast-milk-feeding should be supported and made as easy as possible. With this in mind, we feel that our pumps should not pose a financial strain.

The market is flooded with extortionately priced pumps. However, now, through Pippeta customers have a choice as to whether to pay such high prices or purchase our product which provides the hands-free experience promoted by the more expensive sellers, at a much more reasonable price.

Being parents ourselves, we realise how expensive bringing your gorgeous little one into the world can be without worrying about buying expensive equipment for feeding. An accessible, hands-free pump, which allows mums to enjoy extra cuddles, should not be overpriced!

However, you may wonder if a lower price reflects a lower quality? The best people to answer that question would be our customers – just read our reviews to reassure yourself on that point. So many customers feel they are getting a better experience with Pippeta than with the higher priced products on the market.

At the end of the day, we are normal mums just like you and our customers mean more to us than the selling of overpriced products.

Since then, our passion for all things breastfeeding related has led us to embark on a journey of extensive research and development. We have spent countless hours studying the science behind breast pumping, consulting with lactation experts, and connecting with breastfeeding mothers to understand their needs and pain points. As a brand it’s important to me that Pippeta empowers breastfeeding mothers this became my driving force. I wanted to provide a breast pump that would seamlessly integrate into a mother's life, allowing her to pump comfortably and efficiently, regardless of her location.