Posted on June 08 2024

Celebrating a Day of Support and Education with Pippeta

Celebrating a Day of Support and Education with Pippeta

At Pippeta, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional support and resources to families on their breastfeeding journeys. Recently, we had the immense pleasure of hosting a special content day in Leeds, where two of our dedicated social media followers received personalised advice from our in-house International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Maria Myers. This event was a profound experience filled with emotion, hope, and invaluable guidance.

Mum One's Journey: Overcoming Challenges with Tongue Tie

One of the mums we had the privilege of assisting was struggling with breastfeeding due to her baby’s tongue tie. She came to the session feeling overwhelmed and emotional, searching for solutions to her breastfeeding challenges. Thanks to Maria Myers' expertise and compassionate approach, this mum left the session feeling reassured and full of hope. Maria's advice and support were pivotal in helping her navigate this difficult period and find confidence in her breastfeeding journey.

Mum Two's Preparation: Guidance for Early Stages of Breastfeeding

Another expectant mum, who was 37 weeks pregnant, attended the session seeking advice on the early stages of breastfeeding. As a soon-to-be mother, she wanted to ensure she was well-prepared for the arrival of her baby. Maria provided her with essential guidance, addressing her concerns and equipping her with the knowledge she needed. By the end of the session, she felt confident and ready to embark on her breastfeeding journey.

Supporting Partners: The Role of Dads in Breastfeeding

We also welcomed a gentleman who was eager to learn how partners can support breastfeeding mothers. His participation highlighted the critical role of a supportive network in the breastfeeding process. Maria shared practical tips and strategies to help partners provide the necessary support, emphasising the importance of their involvement in creating a nurturing environment for both mother and baby.

Capturing Educational Content for Our Community

Throughout the day, we captured a wealth of educational content designed to benefit our broader community. Our goal is to provide families with accessible, expert advice to support their feeding journeys. By sharing these insights on our social media channels, we hope to empower even more families with the knowledge they need to succeed.

Insights from Our Founder, Aimee Cestrone

Our founder, Aimee Cestrone, also participated in the event, sharing her personal experiences and insights. She discussed the reasons why having an IBCLC on board is so crucial and how Maria Myers' guidance was instrumental in her own breastfeeding journey. Aimee's story underscores the invaluable role of professional support in achieving breastfeeding success.

Free IBCLC Support with Every Pippeta Pump Purchase

At Pippeta, we are dedicated to empowering families with the knowledge and resources they need for successful breastfeeding. One of the unique aspects of our brand is that with every pump purchased from Pippeta, our customers receive free IBCLC support from Maria Myers. This commitment to providing professional, personalised support sets us apart and ensures our customers have access to the best possible guidance for their breastfeeding journey.

Stay tuned for more educational content and continue following our journey as we strive to support families every step of the way.


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