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The process of teething can be an extremely difficult time for both you and your baby, so finding different ways to comfort your little ones during this time can help you both. We have a huge range of teething toys and baby dummies in several different timeless colours. Our range of baby soothers and teethers has everything you need to aid your baby through difficult teething times.

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Quality Teethers & Dummies For Teething Your Little Ones

Teething can be very uncomfortable and painful for your baby and can therefore be very distressing for you as a parent. Teething toys and dummies are a perfect aid to help ease the pain of teething in your little ones and calm them down, as it gives them something safe to chew on and soothe the pain. This can be vital for helping them sleep during the teething process and also help distract them from any discomfort they may be experiencing. 

Babies going through teething can often be in a huge amount of discomfort and they will not be shy in letting you know. It can be very tough as a parent to see your child in such discomfort, however, our brilliant range features both dummies and teething toys in a variety of different colours made from high-quality and safe materials. This allows you to rest assured that your baby's soothing toys and dummies are not only there to soothe the sores of teething, but are also fully sterile and safe. 

Durable & Sterile Silicone Teething Dummies 

We stock a brilliant range of 100% food-grade silicone dummies in a number of stunning neutral tones. The soother is also designed to perfectly curve around the sensitive cheeks and noses of your little ones to avoid any skin irritation. The food-grade silicone has also been through stringent testing to ensure it is fully sterile and safe. 

These dummies are perfect for babies from 0 - 12 months and have been specially designed to be safe for even the smallest mouths. The gentle silicone nipple will help your child to distract their little minds from the pain of teething whilst also soothing their gums and providing real relief. 

Natural Rubber Alberta Bear Teethers 

Our brilliant Albert bear teethers are made from natural rubber with a bumpy texture to stimulate the sights, smell and taste of your child. The Albert bear shape of our teethers allows the teething process to be slightly less distressing and slightly more fun for your children. They are also designed as the perfect size for their little hands to hold themselves and therefore further develop their touch sense. 

These teethers are made using a natural and fully eco-friendly rubber that has been fully CE- tested to adhere to European standards. Albert bear has been designed by our team here at Pippeta for babies of all ages and has been hand-painted with food-grade paint to ensure safety and sterilisation. To clean, simply wipe down with a wet cloth or warm soapy water. 


Teethers & Soothers FAQs

Yes. Dummies can be good for teething in babies as they can both soothe your baby's painful gums while also offering a distraction for their minds from the pain and discomfort. You can also refrigerate your dummies to offer a cooling effect on the gums and further soothe them
Babies should stop using dummies at around 10 months to 1 year. Stooping your child from using a dummy at these ages is a good idea to help prevent any problems with their teeth later down the line.
Yes, teethers can provide a baby with discomfort from teething with a range of benefits. Similar to dummies, they can both soothe your gums and provide a mental distraction to the pain. This is brilliant to calm down your baby when they need sleep or are simply in discomfort.
The rubber of the teethers is extremely sterile and has been through stringent testing to ensure their safety. However, you should clean your child's teethers regularly by wiping them down with a wet cloth or by cleaning them with warm soapy water to ensure that they are fully clean at all times.